Sacred Web 31

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Sacred Web 31

Sacred Web 31


Editorial: The Distance Between Us
by M. Ali Lakhani
The Editorial reflects on the distinction between space as, on the one hand, existential separation, and as, on the other, the metaphysical matrix of divine Self-disclosure that informs the obligation to be ‘Present’ in love.     Read more...

Religion and the Environment:
An Interview with Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr’s work in the field of environmentalism spans several decades, placing him at the vanguard of the modern environmental movement. His views in this area are related to the principial foundations of a cosmology in which the physical environment of the phenomenal world are seen as a manifestation of the theophany rooted in the Sacred, and therefore connecting Man and Nature to God. On the occasion of his 80th birthday, Sacred Web is pleased to present this interview with Dr. Nasr on this important subject.     Read more...

The Reign of Pure Quantity and the Parody of Quality:
Reflections on René Guénon's Intimations of

by Patrick Laude
René Guénon’s writings about the crisis of the modern world and about the reign of Quantity and the signs of the times contained an intellectual diagnosis and, arguably, “prophetic” prognosis of modernity. This article by a leading perennialist scholar revisits Guénon's analysis of the subversive forces that he predicted would shape our post-modern world, and focuses in particular on his depiction of the parodies of Quality in the process of the destruction of traditional civilization.     Read more...

Conforming to the Real: Frithjof Schuon on Morality
by Magnus Bradshaw
This is the second part of a two-part article on Frithjof Schuon’s teachings on the subject of morality. The topics covered in this second section are religion and secular morality, reason and relativism, psychological morality, freedom and responsibility, social morality and charity, and progress, decline and moral reform.     Read more...

The Degraded Iconicity of the Icon:
The Icon's Materiality and Mechanical Reproduction

by Hieromonk Silouan
This article by a traditional iconographer addresses the challenges facing the traditional doctrine of the icon in a society subsumed by a profane attitude towards the image, and the problems raised by the use of icon reproductions within the liturgical context of the Eastern Orthodox Church. It reflects the view in traditional art that “Functional and symbolic values coincide” (Ananda K. Coomarswamy), so the material properties of the traditional icon are not arbitrary, but based on metaphysical principles, essential for it to function to its maximum potential as a “support” of prayer and contemplation. An ideal icon, having “fullness of iconicity,” retains not only the canonical pictorial forms, but also the material qualities of its traditional craftsmanship, thereby living up to its anagogic and symbolic function within the liturgical aesthetic experience. This involves the use of the best, most beautiful, materials available, preferably natural or organic, since these, unlike most synthetic products, in their inherent properties best reflect the glory of God—Beauty—in Creation. On the other hand reproductions are drastically impoverished for liturgical use in their disregard for the symbolic role of materials, and mainly reflect the encroachment of profane industry into sacred space. The article is accompanied by examples of Father Silouan’s iconographic designs.     Read more...

by Nigel Jackson
Notes on the symbolism of the Cover, specially designed for Sacred Web by Nigel Jackson.      Read more...

Sanguis Agni
by Nigel Jackson
Notes on the symbolism of the Frontispiece, specially designed for Sacred Web by Nigel Jackson.     Read more...

Spiritual Warfare
by Charles Upton
In our times when there are almost daily examples in the news of people purporting to die in the name religion, and when “martyrdom” is often equated with indoctrination and ignorance, it behooves us to understand what true spiritual warfare means. This article offers a series of short reflections on the subject ranging from a discussion of Chivalry and Jihad, to the esoteric significance of the War between the Names of God, its ecumenical implications, and the praxis of spiritual struggle.     Read more...

The Spiritual Significance of Rama
by Stephenie Madany
This essay is a short reflection on the spiritual qualities of Rama from the esoteric perspective of archetypes that would allow Rama to be compared to the Holy Prophet of Islam.     Read more...

Book Review

Meister Eckhart on Divine Knowledge
By C.F. Kelley

Reviewed by Samuel Bendeck Sotillos

Letter to the Editor
Larry Rinehart – on orthodox Christianity and perennialism

Response to a Letter: Aspects of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Orthodoxy
Gustavo Polit – a response to Larry Rinehart

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